Hong Kong 2088

Big corporations rule the world. Old borders don’t apply anymore as governments lose their power and influence to world spanning conglomerates and the corporate council.

Nanotechnology has advanced to a level where every human is implanted with monitoring and access devices right after birth. These implants grant access to the global Datasphere, overlaying every natural sensual impression with reality augmentation … up to a point where virtual and natural perception merge into one seamless, controlled experience.

DataWizards can hack the Datasphere, devices, and your brain.

New religions — sects that worship the “Ghost in the Machine” — spread like computer viruses …

Welcome to the future …


For inspiration don’t look any further than Ghost in the Shell (movie and series), the TV series Almost Human with Karl Urban, the spectacular Orphan Black, Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Inception, Blade Runner, Tron Legacy, or Cloud Atlas. Nothing unexpected here.

Character Creation

Hong Kong 2088 mostly uses the Fate Accelerated (FAE) ruleset with the standard Approaches — Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, Sneaky — one Great, one Good, one Fair, two Average, and one Mediocre. Additionally we’re using the Kung Fu rules from the awesome Tianxia Accelerated (TA) by Jack Norris.

Thus the players started with a defining aspect, a trouble, two more aspects, and a free slot to fill during the first two sessions. They each got a Kung Fu school — thus being considered Jianghu level 1 — and one free Kung Fu technique as per TA. They also got three general stunts and a refresh of 3. Finally using TA gave them an additional [+1] stress box.

Every character — and actually every person living in or close to civilization — is considered to have a nano implant and thus being always connected to the Datasphere.

This has several far reaching consequences:

  • everyone is able to see the reality augmentations of the Datasphere. This is pretty much the most important feature of the setting as Datasphere simulations are directly rendered into the characters’ brains’ centers of perception — meaning that Datasphere illusions seem pretty much real. Therefore hacking the Datasphere has much deeper consequences than hacking contemporary internet …
  • everyone is considered always having a communication device at the ready,
  • but also, everyone can be tracked — and potentially — hacked at any time.
  • The Datasphere implants of course can be a setup for several transhumanist ideas, but currently we haven’t explored those.

The Characters

The main characters — although they have taken very different paths later on — all started out as inhabitants of the same orphanage in the “Devil’s Den”, the part of 2088 Hong Kong our adventures are set in.

The four central characters are

Akima Henceforth, adopted early in her life by the wealthy Henceforth clan. She used to be known as “Lady Frost” (or “Frosty” to some of the other characters), but by now has changed this character aspect into “my real friends can depend on me”. She’s trying to prove that she is her own woman and not just “another member of old money” by having taken on the less than glorious job of district medical examiner for the Devil’s Den.

“J”, youngest of the orphanage “siblings”, but already a legend among graffiti artists around town. She’s also a parcours-ist extraordinaire, who leads a street life and doesn’t want it any other way.

Lee is your “typical” far east gangbanger, Yakuza, Tong, you know the type … and somewhat different. He’s a MotoBushi, a samurai with a motorcycle! The Devil’s Den is the turf of his gang, so he’s a racketeer, but also the protector of his neighborhood. His most prized possession is his Katana “Meiyo” (which incidentally means “honor”). Lee is also a ladies’ man, schmoozing, smooth talking, protective.

Finally there’s Yu Shen, a DataWizard who goes by the alias of “Draco”. He is somewhat of a loner who hires his services out to the highest bidder. Draco is known in the hacking scene as one of the hottest DataWizards, one who get’s the job done with style …

We’ve also had a number of guest appearances whenever other people wanted to join the odd session or came by and got pulled into Hong Kong.

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Title art AndreeWallin @ deviantart.com.

Hongkong 2088

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