Yu Shen ("Draco")

Freelance DataWizard.



High Concept: Freelance DataWiz
Trouble: “Let’s make this more interesting”“
Other Aspects:
“I surf the data stream“
Urban Chameleon
Tech Gadgets


Superb (+5): Clever
Good (+3): Flashy
Fair (+2): Careful, Sneaky
Average (+1): Forceful, Quick

Ghost Dragon Kung Fu (Clever, Flashy)

Ghost Haunts the Shadows: You may use Clever instead of Sneaky to create an advantage based on moving silently or remaining unseen. Apply a +2 bonus instead if both Clever and Sneaky are the same rank or Sneaky is greater.


Gremlins: Gain +2 to cleverly attack physical devices while sphere-hacking
“These are not the droids you’re looking for”: Once per session plant an idea into someone’s mind (if that person is connected to the datasphere)
Phantasmagoria: Gain +2 to flashily create a sensory advantage against people connected to the datasphere.
Datamining: +2 to Cleverly Overcome obstacles while analyzing or gathering data.
Firewall: +2 to Cleverly Defend against hacking attempts.
Smoke Screen: +2 to Cleverly disguise or obscure activities in the Datasphere.
“I know where to hit the body!”: +2 to cleverly attack an opponent as to disrupt his Chi flow and take him out of the combat.


STRESS: ( +1 ) ( +1 ) ( +2 ) ( +3 )


Yu Shen ("Draco")

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