"J" (Jay)

Graffiti Artist -- The best tagger in town!



High Concept: Best Tagger in Town
Trouble: Act now, think later
Other Aspects:
„This is my city!“
Truth AND Dare
Silver Arm


Superb (+5): Flashy
Good (+3): Sneaky
Fair (+2): Quick, Clever
Average (+1): Forceful
Mediocre (+0): Careful

Forest Dragon Kung Fu (Flashy, Sneaky)

Dragon Rules the Fields: When you succeed with style on an attack, gain a boost — with a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2 — without reducing the value of your attack.
Forest Opens its Paths: If you use Flashy to overcome an obstacle with style, you may turn the obstacle into an advantage with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.
Leaves Like Razor: When invoking a situation aspect or environment-based advantage in a combat, you add +2 Weapon Rating to that attack.


Breaking & entering: Gain +2 to sneakily overcome protected premises.
Parcours: Gain +2 to flashily overcome physical obstacles.
„I’m an artist“: +2 to flashily create advantages based on your art.
Combat Alertness: +2 to Quick when determining initiative in combat.
„It’s got to be here“: +2 to flashily Overcome when searching a place.
“It’s great to be me!”: +2 to flashily succeed in social situations (Attack and Defend).


STRESS: ( +1 ) ( +1 ) ( +2 ) ( +3 )


"J" (Jay)

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