Akima Henceforth

Pathologist and medical examiner. Adopted at young age by the Henceforth family.



High Concept: Tough District Pathologist
Trouble: “A little chemistry will keep us awake!”
Other Aspects:
“I’m a Henceforth!”
“My friends can count on me!”
“the dead talk to me“


Superb (+5): Clever
Good (+3): Careful, Sneaky
Fair (+2): Quick
Average (+1): Forceful
Mediocre (+0): Flashy

Ghost Crane Kung Fu (Clever, Careful)

Crane Hides in Reeds: Add an additional +2 bonus when using Full Defense to defend yourself in combat. If used to defend others, gain 2 Armor Rating instead.
Crane Sleeps Standing: +2 bonus when Overcoming physical obstacles based on physical obstruction or poor footing.
Crane Stuns the Carp: If you succeed on a fighting attack with style, you may create a _Stunned_ advantage on a target with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.
Ghost Haunts the Shadows: You may use Clever instead of Sneaky to create an advantage based on moving silently or remaining unseen. Apply a +2 bonus instead if both Clever and the Sneaky are the same rank or Sneaky is greater.


“I know how the body works”: once per day take 5 minutes to patch up someone (removes their most severe consequence for the rest of the day or cancels out one random stress box)
Trick the system: +2 to cleverly overcome bureaucracy or hierarchy.
“Obviously“: Gain +2 to carefully analyze a body (dead or living).
Hawkeye: +2 to carefully aim in an attack to not kill but stop an opponent.
“I know where to hit the body”: +2 to cleverly attack an opponent as to disrupt his Chi flow and take him out of the combat.


STRESS: ( +1 ) ( +1 ) ( +2 ) ( +3 )


Akima Henceforth

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