Motobushi of the "Lightening Devils" gang.



High Concept: Motobushi of the “Lightening Devils”
Trouble: Samurai means “to serve”
Other Aspects:
“My sword is my honor!“
My lightning cycle
“Ladies, here I am!”

Great (+4): Forceful
Good (+3): Quick, Flashy
Average (+1): Clever, Careful, Sneaky

Lightning Tiger Kung Fu (Forceful, Quick)

Lightning Strikes Without Pause: Gain a +2 bonus to Quick when determining turn order.
Tiger Moves With Purpose: Move at least 1 zone and make a Forceful or Quick attack on a target that just moved into your zone on their last action. Add 2 shifts to any stress you deal with this attack.
Tiger Rules the Jungle: You may always use Forceful Approach to defend against attempts to cower, intimidate, or provoke you. Gain 2 Armor Rating against any attacks based on such attempts.
Tiger Rends the Flesh: When you tie on an attack using Forceful for defense you can inflict a 2 point shift physical attack instead of taking a boost.


Meiyo (“honor”): gain +2 to forcefully attack when using your katana.
Ride like the devil: +2 to flashily overcome obstacles when riding a motorbike.
Smooth talkin’: +2 to flashily impress or win favors through … smooth talkin’.
Helping Hand: +2 to flashily defend lady-friends.
The Flash: +2 to quickly maneuver your motorbike.


STRESS: ( +1 ) ( +1 ) ( +2 ) ( +3 )



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